A simple game made with Verge3D and Blender.

The game can be played online via a browser.

Free course in the form of YouTube videos with projects


Demo Asteroid Game online


List of video tutorials on how to make a full Asteroid 3D Game on a web browser using Blender and Verge3D.

1. Modeling of the Spaceship

2. Add materials for Ship and Outline effect Blender Add-materials-for-Ship-and-Outline-effect

3. Add stars and repeat offset animation

Verge3D Add-stars-and-repeat-offset-animation

3.5 Create background stars and programing move

Verge3D 3

4. Programming control via the keyboard for a space ship

Verge3D Programming-control-via-the-keyboard-for-a-space-ship

5. Asteroid Modeling add material and outline effect

Verge3D Asteroid-Modeling-add-material-and-outline-effect

6. Programming the movement of asteroids

Verge3D Programming-the-movement-of-asteroids

7. Programing Pause - Create web game in Blender and Verge3D

Verge3D Programing-Pause

8. Programming collisiom, the gameover and others

Verge3D 8

9. Improve: Menu, font, spaceship, added animation buttons, hand cursor button, mute sound, mini animation intro and gameover

Verge3D coming soon