Demo largeFont

Specially enlarged fonts for the Unity Editor for better readability and saving space on the screen.


Font preview and download links

Juice Light Juice Regular Juice Bold

Juice - Download: Modified Larger Font, Link: Original Font 

 Consola Mono

 Consola Mono - Download: Modified Larger Font, Link: Original Font


 Lekton - Download: Modified Larger Font, Link: Original Font


  Monoid - Download: Modified Larger Font, Link: Original Font


How to install

Unity 2018 - modify the file "...Unity\Editors\2018.4.28f1\Editor\Data\Resources\fontsettings.txt"

English|default=Consola Mono Bold
English|Lucida Grande=Consola Mono Bold
English|Lucida Grande Bold=Consola Mono Bold
English|Lucida Grande small=Consola Mono
English|Lucida Grande small bold=Lucida Grande
English|Lucida Grande Big=Lucida Grande
English|Lucida Grande Warning=Lucida Grande

Or with an add-on: EditorFontTweak