Demo largeFont miniature

Specially enlarged fonts for the Unity Editor for better readability and saving space on the screen.


A game created using Unity and the uScript add-on (free version Personal Learning Edition or commercial Professional)

A project created to learn how to create games for artists who don't like programming.

uScript is a simple addition to Unity that allows easy visual programming.

A simple example of how you can quickly set the appearance of a material (Solid) in Armory3D.

No Webgl1 or GLESH2 (Legacy Shaders disabled) but should work on newer androids and IOS (you need to enable experimental options in Settings -> Safari -> Show advanced settings -> Experimental Features ->

Dark theme not only changes the colors of Manager Verge3D also flattens the appearance of the Puzzle so that they look a little more transparent.

DarkTheme Manager Verge3D 2.8 .2.9

Minimal Themes Mod gently changes the appearance of Verge3D 3.0.1, simplifies both Themes: Light and Dark (more subdued colors, no lines, Puzzle is more readable and a uniform background (no dots).

DarkTheme Manager Verge3D 2.8 .2.9


A simple game made with Verge3D and Blender.

The game can be played online via a browser.

Free course in the form of YouTube videos with projects